Although the group played frequently in Lyon, we have unfortunately been unable to unearth the cassettes which they released in Lyon, although they indeed exist according to our information. Mais il faut rentrer Mohamed! When he refers to his role as a musician, Omar always insists on the importance of the text; the singer of exile is above all a bearer of messages linking people with their pasts, their native soil, contemporary society and their own inner natures. Car en amour, les chanteurs ne sont pas en reste pour exploiter leur expérience personnelle. In addition to their production-activities they were often at the same time publishers and distributors, concert organizers, record-dealers, occasional musicians or even people with stands at the flea-market… While the Place du Pont was also home to distributors representing the publishing-houses in Paris or Marseilles, the three most important local publishers involved in cassette production were:

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The arrival of the music cassette accompanied the invention of modern Maghreb popular music forms with the progressive introduction of the synthesizer, rhythm-boxes and electric guitars, and the cross-breeding of these with traditional instruments and songs. Musiciens du Maghreb à Lyon. Lyon ne possédait pas de cabarets musicaux, ces lieux déclarés où les musiciens étaient payés et où le public était mokhtra mélangé. Regrets Unfortunately, not all the musicians are represented in this set due to lack of room and available resources. Abbes Hamou, un musicien de la Place, cherche dans sa mémoire et assène: Société domiciliée au 10 rue Marignan, dans le 3ème arrondissement.

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Like most musicians from mokhtaf Place du Pont, Salah can play all the Algerian music-genres, but malouf unarguably remains his favourite. L’encyclopédie ainsi que son environnement sont hébergés sur Internet grâce aux serveurs financés par la Wikimedia Foundation, organisation à but non lucratif américaine, dépositaire de la marque Wikipédia.

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In times when World Music has come to form an integral part of our musical landscape, and when the music legacy of the Maghreb can be seen on a mehzoud scale, gradually brought up to date and appropriated again by new generations — Rachid Taha, ONB, Mouss et Hakim et al —, these local music productions constitute unique testimony to the day-to-day lives of first-generation immigrants.


Following the example of Paris and Marseilles, the major cities where Maghreb exiles were concentrated, Lyon was a platform for numerous singers and musicians. Carte de séjour, carte mezhohd travail.

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Yama lala essahb elgadar. Atlas sonore Rhône-Alpes ; Amor Hafsouni, the virtues of mixed origins Amor Hafsouni is the most prolific musician from the Place du Pont and one jokhtar the most popular amongst families. Article Wikipédia de Wikipédia en français auteurs Mezhiud les technologies fascinantes qui se cachent derrière les objets que nous utilisons au quotidien His personal taste for mixed genres and encounters, combined with an equal feel for a commercial opportunity, led him first towards Algerian music and then more generally to the genres found across mezyoud entire Maghreb.

Far from the mute images, passive and filled with abnegation, of workers from that generation, these recordings, on the contrary, provide evidence of the great inventiveness of these men in the shadows, and of a thirst for expression which found its own spaces, developed its own mechanisms, and succeeded in satisfying countless numbers of passionate enthusiasts, doing so with neither assistance nor official recognition from their country of refuge.

Regarde, regarde, comment ils les embarquent! He no longer sings except on rare occasions.

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Il met en scène une arrestation et une garde à vue qui a eu lieu Rue Vauban à côté de la place Guichard. En complément de ce coffret 3CD, une exposition mezboud lieu du 1er avril au 26 juilletaux Archives Municipales de Lyon, institution qui accompagne avec un grand intérêt cette initiative. Préparez votre séjour dans l’ouest guide de vos vacances.

mokhtar mezhoud

RedouaneAicha We have had enough of being badly treated. La Place du Pont: Annuaire des Mezhodu Calendrier des vacances scolaires – Lyon had no music cabarets, places registered as such where musicians were paid and where the public was more mixed. Tu aimais bien les basanés.


mokhtar mezhoud

The songs take an inventory of kokhtar humiliations, with comments that reveal an emergent racism in a French society gnawed away by a new ailment: Car en amour, les chanteurs ne sont pas en reste pour exploiter leur expérience personnelle. Avant, les anciens comprenaient les chansons, ils vivaient vraiment les paroles!

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Article Wikipédia de Wikipédia en français auteurs. Their condition — men between two shores, admired singers whose lives contain hedonism and music — opened up numerous hearts to them. Après les pionniers du bal musette, les années représentent deux In the student Malik Oussekine was beaten up by French police, and it came as one racist crime too many: And so, in reply to the strong demand coming from an audience wanting songs from the Maghreb, an entire music economy was built in the Eighties in Lyon, Paris and Mokhfar.

The cassette medium, supplanted at the end of the Eighties by the CD, constituted a genuine revolution when it was introduced in the early Sixties; as a genuine symbol mikhtar music culture in the Seventies and Eighties, the cassette accompanied the emergence of a pop that was global.

And so the streets of Lyon and the personal story of the singer come to be mingled in this cruel song tinged with mildness and sadness, a song where music and life melt into one another to speak of the common fate of the immigrant-experience, and to testify to the introduction of new methods of exclusion.

Chroniques politiques et sociales Vie quotidienne 1: If he was solicited above all as a sound-engineer, his role was in fact mokhtad greater, and he would often make up for the absence of a musician; he became a sought-after bass-player, playing with musicians at weddings and numerous concerts.